the stream downtown newaygo michigan - book a tour today - members have acces to remote workspace, meeting rooms and business resources. Non Members can also rent meeting space in our state of the art conference rooms. We are equipped for presentations, business meetings, and community events. Newaygo County, MI

The Stream is:

• A business incubator space for entrepreneurs.

• A remote work center available to the 4,300 professionals with second homes on Newaygo’s numerous lakes, rivers and scenic landscapes. The Stream is expected to reduce the miles traveled by Newaygo citizens and visitors by thousands.

• A telecommuting site available to the thousands of business professionals (almost half of the workforce) who travel outside of Newaygo County every day to work.

• An earth-friendly facility that is responsible and conscious of the precious environment surrounding us.

• A technological center. The Stream features state-of-the-art technology, including videoconferencing technology and servers that ensure that highest level of information security for organizations with employees working remotely.

• A result of a West Michigan WIRED initiative. Newaygo was identified as a strong location for such a facility based on demographic analysis and commuting patterns.

• A 13,000-square-foot center at the heart of Newaygo’s downtown.

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